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Sports club presidents, who are often compared to managers, do not quite perform the same function. In fact, its internal culture is based on certain sports values, the results of which are more uncertain than in other industries.

More importantly, its management of human resources (competitors and volunteers) is not always comparable to that of a traditional salaried staff. However, whether his club is amateur or professional, he strives to unite the living forces in a common project and ambition.

As manager of his club, he must have knowledge in the legal and financial sectors, but also in the field of communication, human relations management, fundraising, event organization, etc.

Its main functions are:

He manages his club by designing budgets and setting objectives from a sporting and financial perspective, supervising accounts, and making decisions on investments to strengthen his team or teams. He organizes and controls the work of various departments and deals with human resource management.
control: it organizes and controls the paintings of the numerous departments and offers the control of human resources 
representation: he's a real ambassador for his club. He has common conferences with the federation that hosts his sport

In general, the leader is a former athlete, who has known the environment for a long time. By virtue of his position, he has regular contact with the public authorities, in particular to request financial aid. In terms of public aid, at the French-speaking level, 4 different levels of power can support clubs that request it:

ADEPS for the French Community: the membership can reap a subsidy for the company of a sports activities improvement program. This subsidy is supposed to inspire the introduction of the latest clubs, the recruitment of younger people, the detection of competencies, or the combat towards losing out of the sport. ADEPS also can supply a subsidy for the company of sports activities camps (internships), together with for the advantage of disabled athletes, and the acquisition of equipment

Infrasport, for the Walloon Region, is answerable for sports activities infrastructure. It can offer help for sure investments in sports activities infrastructure (acquisition, construction, expansion, renovation). This economic resource may be very complete because it additionally extends to the homes vital for using those infrastructures (converting rooms, assembly rooms, automobile parks, lighting, plantations, etc.). It is likewise viable to partly finance the acquisition of the primary sports activities device or that associated with the protection and accessibility of users.

The Coco, for the Brussels-Capital Region, subsidizes especially the golf equipment which welcomes athletes below the age of sixteen or over 60 or disabled athletes. It is likewise concerned in sure sports that spotlight sports activities sports in Brussels and inspire avenues and community sports activities. It also can furnish a one-time furnish at some stage in the development or upkeep of sports activities infrastructure

local authorities: aid varies according to each province and each municipality

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