The love of reading can begin in different ways, from a house full of books, from days spent in the library with the parents, from that teacher who was able to transmit the passion for books and their countless adventures.

For the country-wide day for the advertising of analyzing we determined to invite individuals who found the affection for analyzing and determined to skip it on via her work, Daniela Melucci, trainer of Fuoriclasse in Movimento, will inform us approximately her experience. 

1Her story, in addition to transmitting her ardor to us, can act as a start line for all instructors who at this moment, in the presence and / or remotely, are questioning a way to sell analyzing to their college students and their college students.


I've always loved reading, even when I was a child. My family wasn't filled with great readers, but my education in reading began in school. But more than anything, my curiosity drove me to read excessively.

In the '80s and '90s, classic books were always the top choice for school, even though they weren't always relatable to what teenagers were going through. I always thought that books held a magic formula for opening up unexpected worlds, and I would always look to them for answers.

Over the years, I have come to understand that books do not give you answers, but rather open you up to numerous questions. They instill in you a thousand doubts and provide a momentary respite from the restless curiosity that resides within you. Today, I am on the other side as a literature teacher. I am passionate about reading and strive to ignite the minds and hearts of my students.

I trust that ardor needs to now no longer study however witnessed, and that love for analyzing can not skip thru coercive methods, but thru example. Reading together, analyzing aloud, and sharing in elegance the analysis of photo books and children’s literature, with contents near their stories may be a triumphing strategy.

Love for reading must be instilled at school but released as soon as possible from the obligation of having to read! ”


How to carve out a second committed to studying withinside the classroom ? How to do it now for boys and ladies who comply with the classes in distance learning ? These questions are nevertheless responded with the aid of using the revel in of the instructor Melucci.

The moment of reading was, and I hope it will soon be, our ritual during which, seated in a circle, the boys and girls immersed themselves either in listening or in autonomous reading. During the periods of distance teaching, I take care to prepare the scan of the pages that I will read in the video lesson, to record my voice while I read, in order to allow even those who have some difficulties to listen to it independently in the individual rereading phase.

A few days ago, we read the illustrated book "La Meraviglia" by Loricangi together in a video lesson. It was an extraordinary experience, because through the text and illustrations, we explored the meaning of the ability to feel amazement and wonder. In this moment, feeling wonder opens us to the possibility of overcoming discouragement. As you exercise wonder, you can see "everything truly and for the first time."


Daniela Melucci closes the testimony with an excerpt from the ee-e-book that modified her lifestyle and instilled in her that love for analyzing which, as soon as understood, will by no means pass away. She makes use of it as an instance for an exercising to do collectively with the pupils, in reality, she closes with an open query to which they can solve after which speak collectively. We file it right here so that it can also grow to be a part of the analyzing sports of many teachers.

“If I were a book, I would always have the sweet scent of a timeless and unmatched day …” If I were a book, I would like to hear someone say: this book has changed my life. From the illustrated book “If I were a book” by Josè Jorge Letria and Andrè Letria

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