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Several leaks and rumors have led us to believe that Google has an own branded smartwatch on the way. But despite not revealing any details at the event on 15 October, we can see that the company has patented a device which looks a lot like a watch but has a camera built in. Moreover, the watch has no buttons and rotates its bezel. The next question is: what is its display size?

In the update, the company mentions that the new smartwatch will be called "Pixel Experience Watch." The watch will feature the Google logo and will have Wear OS exclusive features. However, you will also notice a Fitbit logo prominently displayed on its face. The Pixel Watch is set to launch in 2022. Regardless of how it looks, we'll see a lot more about this device in the coming months.

Google has recently acquired the health and fitness company Fitbit. The two companies have already started working together on some projects, including the Google Assistant for Fitbit's Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense. Osterloh said that the Pixel Watch would integrate with Fitbit's fitness tracking app. Users can then access their data through the Fitbit app and on the internet. Fitbit's algorithms will be used in the Pixel Watch.

The battery life of the Pixel Watch is rumored to be about 24 hours, which is impressive considering its price tag. Google has confirmed that the Pixel Watch will launch in October, and it's now expected to ship with a 300mAh battery. It's also expected to feature a cellular connectivity on one model and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in others. In addition to the battery life, the Pixel Watch will also come with a USB-C charging cable.

The Pixel Watch could be equipped with an in-display fingerprint scanner. An in-display fingerprint scanner would enable the watch to purchase items that it couldn't previously do with contactless. However, this could increase the thickness of the watch and its price tag. A fingerprint scanner on the Pixel Watch would be useful for making purchases over the contactless limit. In addition to this, the Pixel Watch will feature a Google Maps app and voice commands.

The design of the Pixel Watch is sleek and understated. Much like the Apple Watch, it features a floating design and recycled stainless steel hardware. Its "tactile crown" on the right side is also visible. The watch is approximately half an inch thick and 11/2" in diameter. This makes it suitable for both men and women. While the design has not yet been officially confirmed, the Google Pixel Watch looks promising. So far, we've seen some leaks and can wait for more information.

As far as software goes, Google hasn't revealed any specific details, but it has shown that it saves the best of Android features for its Pixel phones. That means that the Pixel Watch is bound to have some of the best features available in Android. Its UI could be tappable, voice-enabled, and glanceable. The company is hoping to make the Pixel Watch the hero device of its timepiece lineup.

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